Webinars are fast becoming the preferred ‘event’ of choice, with more and more marketing moving into the digital field online events are a quicker, more cost effective way for you to share information about your company and attract new customers. Webinars:

  •  Add value to your brand
  • Educate and inform your target audience
  • Create a lasting impression
  • Move your business forward

A good webinar parallels all the information your company is already putting out but adds depth to a particular area. Instead of focusing too heavily on slideware showing your companies’ history webinars show your customers what your products and services can do and why they can’t live without it. Even if people don’t attend a live webinar they are still highly likely to watch a recorded one.

Media Relations

Engaging with your key media is a powerful tool for influencing and changing behaviour providing critical, third-party endorsement for your company, products and services. As opposed to more traditional forms of marketing, such as direct marketing or advertising, communicating through a journalist provides valuable and sought-after credibility that other forms of communication cannot match. ASH Marketing & Events can help:

  • Gain coverage in your key press, analyst community
  • Build relationship with key journalists, influencers, industry bloggers
  • Track advertorial calendars
  • Draft synopsis to pitch for articles
  • Develop a thought leadership position
  • Organise media briefings
  • Draft press releases
  • Track coverage